CLA (konjugerad linolsyra)

CLA (konjugerad linolsyra)


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Why you love it...
"Been taking CLA capsules from TPW for a while now. Quality is the best and I swear by these when I am on my weight loss program." - Darren*
Why we love it...
Ultra pure, premium grade 1000mg strength CLA capsules from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ offer unparalleled levels of quality and efficacy.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a unique source of highly concentrated CLA derived naturally from the finest safflowers. This naturally occurring Omega 6 fatty acid cannot be produced by the body and so CLA softgels are the ideal way to boost your levels quickly and conveniently.

Widely consumed in sports nutrition and in elite sport, CLA works well with all protein shakes and in particular, when combined with a supplement like Thermopro.



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What are CLA Tablets?

There has been a lot of hype around CLA in recent years, and rightly so, this nutritional powerhouse is the subject of thousands of studies and has become a staple ingredient in a number of dietary supplements. So what is this nutritional powerhouse? CLA, also known as Conjugated linolenic Acid, has its roots are firmly placed in the omega family tree. Being an essential fatty acid means that our body cannot produce it naturally, and given the lack of CLA in the modern diet, it can often be tough consuming the adequate amounts, and why it is incredibly advantageous to consume a CLA supplement as part of your balanced diet. This CLA tablet contains 1000mg of pure strength CLA, but if that isn't enough you can always give our ULTRA CLA a shot, now that really does pack a punch.

CLA Benefits?

. It doesn’t take a detective do uncover the many benefits of CLA, an array of literature links the potent fatty acid with everything from weight control to heart health to the normal growth and development of children. So how does it work? CLA contains a compound called Alpha-Linolenic Acid. A compound that might mean nothing to you, but for your body it packs one hell of a healthy punch. Some say it could go 10 rounds with Mike Tyson and still be able to help you in the gym! Alpha-linolenic acid has been shown to contribute towards the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. This has a huge bearing on our health, because when blood cholesterol levels become too high, it can lead to a blockage in your arteries potentially resulting in a heart attack or stroke.

What is in our CLA tablets

Other than 1000mg of conjugated linolenic acid within a easy to consume softgel, there is nothing else at all added. We like to keep things o’natural here so thought keeping things simple is sometimes the best cause of action. CLA is naturally produced in our body but to keep our levels at tip top shape you would have to consume a wheelbarrow load of meat and dairy. Although that would make a great BBQ in summer, it's not the easiest to consume, so taking just one of THE PROTEIN WORKS™ CLA tablets could do the job for you. To give you peace of mind, it's important to note that all our products go through rigorous tests at TPW™ Towers before they are given the seal of approval. From the ingredient sources, to how the tablet actually digests, we make sure they are given the thumbs up in every sector, so you can consume them with 100% confidence. It's the TPW™ way.

Who is CLA for?

CLA is for anyone and everyone who wants to look after their health and well being. Primarily used by individuals who want to improve their body composition, this potent pill is often found in food products such as meat and dairy, so if you're on a vegan or vegetarian diet, you could struggle to reach your CLA RDA. However, if you do consume dairy and meat, don't think you’re off the hook just yet, as we’ve explained you’d have to eat a large quantity to hit these levels, so it would be daft not to consume this too..

When should I take CLA

It's always important to understand when to take your supplements to get the very best out of every tablet you consume. Ideally, you should take 1-3 times a day with your meals. This makes it easy, one for breakfast, 1 for lunch and 1 for dinner. You can't have any excuses now! Taking it with a meal means that your stomach can easily digest, absorb and administer the CLA with the other foods you’re eating. Don't worry if you forget to take one or two, though consistency is key, maintaining and increasing your CLA levels throughout the day could help you in the long run of achieving your fitness goals.

What's the difference between CLA and Ultra CLA?

You may have noticed we mentioned Ultra CLA in the intro, and you’ve probably been thinking how does that differ from this? Well, because we like to keep things personal, we understand that everyone is different and our bodies all require different amounts, so for individuals who need an extra kick up the bum, we created Ultra CLA, with an extra dose of 500mg of conjugated linolenic acid. It won't actually kick you, but could help you achieve your body goals quicker if you require a higher dose.

* Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and based on personal experience. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan. Nutritional Information per serving based on unflavoured.

04 March 2016

Inga problem att svälja, bra mängd per kapsel, bra pris, har inget att klaga på :)

04 March 2016

Helt okej pris och smart förpackning.

Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and reflect customer's personal experiences. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan.


Typisk daglig användning: 1–2 CLA gelékapslar 1–3 gånger om dagen i samband med måltider.


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F. Vad är CLA?

S. Konjugerad linolsyra (CLA) är en naturligt förekommande fettsyra som utvinns naturligt ur färgtistel.

F. När ska jag använda CLA?

S. Det beror på din livsstil och dina mål. Vi rekommenderar att man tar 1-2 gelkapslar, 1-3 gånger om dagen tillsammans med måltider, eller enligt behov, som en del av ditt dagliga kosttillskottsintag.

F. Vilka är de huvudsakliga anledningarna till att använda CLA?

S. För att uppnå en förbättrad muskeldefinition och kroppsprofil, särskilt kopplad till viktminskningsmål.

F. Är alla CLA-tabletter desamma oavsett vilket varumärke man använder?

S. Som med så många andra saker i livet så får man inte rätt svar om man inte ställer rätt frågor. Kvaliteten på ingrediens kan variera kraftigt och därför kommer styrkan att göra det också. Dessutom behöver det inte vara så att en produkt är ren bara för att man säger det. Vi rekommenderar att du läser om ingredienserna och näringsinnehållet på etiketten för att få en bättre förståelse för vad det är du köper. Vi kan försäkra dig om att våra produkter är 100 % rena. På TPW™ är vi måna om transparens och öppenhet kring alla våra produkter och det är anledningen till att vi tillhandahåller en produktprofil för CLA, där man kan se en fullständig översikt av våra produkters bakgrund, inklusive vårt godkännande, tillverkningsplats och om hur vår garanti om pengarna tillbaka fungerar.

F. Passar TPW™ CLA för veganer och vegetarianer?

S. Kapselöverdraget innehåller gelatin, och passar därför inte för vegetarianer eller veganer.

F. Kan jag använda CLA med andra tillskott?

S. Det enkla svaret är ja. Vi rekommenderar att man alltid kollar serveringsinstruktionerna på alla produkter om man vill ta en kombination av tillskott. CLA har visat sig fungera väl med extrakt av grönt te och koffein.

F. Finns det några biverkningar av att äta CLA?

S. Vi har inte hört talas om några biverkningar av CLA.

F. Vem har nytta av att äta CLA?

S. Bodybuilders och styrkeidrottare. Uthållighetsidrottare. De som är nybörjare inom styrketräning. Personer som håller på med lagidrotter. Idrottare som vill lägga på sig mer muskler och gå ner i vikt.

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