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Here at TPW we want to make it clear which supplements are best to take and at what time - whether it be Pre-workout Supplements before you kick things off. During your workout - otherwise known as intra workout supplements. Or to aide your recovery to be ready to hit the gym the next day via our post-workout supplement range. We have you covered.

Considered as optimal any time we have a range of Protein Shakes that suits any goal. In addition - we have considered every option such as pre-workout powders, recovery protein post workout shake or some BCAA powder to keep you going during your workout.

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Filter   (73)
  1. Vegan Wondershake
    Vegan Wondershake
    Rating: 99%
    99% of 100
    “By a mile, the best vegan protein shake I’ve had. An absolute game changer for me and I’...Ashley
    was from kr475,00 from kr295,00
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  2. Diet Breakfast Smoothie
    Diet Breakfast Smoothie
    “I don’t have time in the mornings to make myself a healthy breakfast so this is exactly what I need! I can just grab and go, getting all the goodness I need and it tastes amazing! I’m obsessed with the Banana Cake Flavour!” *Jennifer
    was from kr170,00 from kr85,00
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  3. Protein Porridge 360
    Protein Porridge 360
    “I’d made my own protein porridge for years but this stuff has changed the game! It saves ...James
    was from kr85,00 from kr65,00
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  4. Loaded Nuts - Hazelnut Biscuit Crunch Abyss
    Loaded Nuts - Hazelnut Biscuit Crunch Abyss
    "I can't get enough of this peanut butter! It tastes incredible, I can't get enough of the b...Tom
    was from kr145,00 from kr85,00
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  5. Loaded Nuts - Salted Caramel Cookie Ocean
    Loaded Nuts - Salted Caramel Cookie Ocean
    "I can't believe how much flavour this peanut butter has! I've tried lots of peanut butters ...Sam
    was from kr145,00 from kr85,00
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  6. Loaded Nuts - Brownie Deep Choc Dive
    Loaded Nuts - Brownie Deep Choc Dive
    "it's the texture of this that is the best bit - then the chunkie parts are such a surpris...Amiee
    was from kr145,00 from kr85,00
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  7. Loaded Nuts - White Choc Fudge Rapids
    Loaded Nuts - White Choc Fudge Rapids
    "My new go-to in the snack cupboard! Tastes incredible and the fudge pieces are so good....Cameron
    was from kr145,00 from kr85,00
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  8. Loaded Legends
    Loaded Legends
    "Thanks TPW for producing the best protein bar on the market!" Becky
    was from kr345,00 from kr240,00
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  9. Vegan Protein Pancake Mix
    Vegan Protein Pancake Mix
    “OMG yes! So easy to make and an absolute plant based treat to eat!” Keira
    was from kr170,00 from kr135,00
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  10. Vegan Mass Gainer
    Vegan Mass Gainer
    "Solid product - since turning vegan i've been struggling to gain mass. Tastes good, nails m...Ben
    was from kr535,00 from kr270,00
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  11. Protein Crunkies
    Protein Crunkies
    Rating: 100%
    100% of 100
    “So delicious. These protein bars are just so easy to eat. Perfect for on the go or for a...Thomas
    was from kr295,00 from kr210,00
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  12. Vegan Protein Extreme
    Vegan Protein Extreme
    “Hands down the best vegan protein I've tried. Love the choice of flavours and they all ...Taylor
    was from kr275,00 from kr140,00
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  13. Jordnötssmör Luxe
    Jordnötssmör Luxe
    "A rich chocolatey nut crunch, ace healthy snack to stop munchies, definitely kept me on tra...Ben
    was from kr180,00 from kr160,00
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  14. /
    Diet Super Multi-Vitamin
    "Great multivitamin pill and easy to swallow - hitting my RDA on loads of vitamins. Recover...Phil
    was from kr120,00 from kr85,00
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  15. Protein Mugcake
    Protein Mugcake
    Rating: 96%
    96% of 100
    "For anyone that has an exceptionally sweet tooth like me, this is the perfect way to curb...Simon
    was from kr190,00 from kr170,00
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    Naket Vassleprotein 90
    Rating: 80%
    80% of 100
    “Fantastic whey protein, mixes well and tastes great, vanilla is my favourite. Great work...Callum
    from kr240,00 from kr215,00
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  17. Ultra CLA 1500
    Ultra CLA 1500
    "Ultra CLA is a really good product, very helpful in losing unwanted fat when taken with re...Neal
    was from kr180,00 from kr90,00
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