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Why you love it...
"Really love this bundle, I've been able to cut down my calories whilst upping my output at the gym! Terry
Why we love it...
Innovation after innovation is combined to deliver the ultimate bundle for all those looking to lean up, and keep the weight off. 100% Whey Extreme, Red-Cell™, Supergreens, Genesis and Pure Performance Vitamins combine to form the fat loss famous five, brought together to fight off evil fat cells and allow your lean and clean muscle to shine on through.



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Who is the Lean Muscle Extreme Bundle For?

We’ve all been there, when you’ve lost all the weight you wanted to lose, yet here you are 3 months later and back to where you started. We know the pain this sort of Yo Yo effect has, that’s why we now present you with the solution. You’re Welcome. The Lean Muscle Extreme Bundle combines everything you need to keep the weight off, well off. Diet Whey Complex Extreme provides you with the protein you need to help support the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Red-Cell™, used by many, loved by thousands, Red-Cell’s innovative two layer capsule brings together two giants of the weight loss world, CLA and Thermopro to create a phenomenal fat loss supplement. Genesis Pre-Workout, our most potent pre workout uses a tri blend of caffeine to provide a level of focus and drive that will allow you to push harder, lift heavier and perform better through your workouts. And the last double act, Super Greens and Pure Performance Vitamins, to supply your body with the nutrients and minerals it needs to help regulate regular bodily and cognitive functions such as your immune system, allowing you to keep going and feel at your best.

What’s in the Lean Muscle Extreme Bundle?

100% Whey Extreme (2kg)

TPW™ 100% Whey Extreme is unrivalled in terms of protein, vitamin and amino density. Along with our exclusive TPW protein blend, iBCAA and premium flavours, we have also infused 100% Whey Extreme with a nutrient packed vitamin blend, containing over 13 vitamins and mineral in every shake! With this incredible nutritional profile and epic taste, TPW 100% Whey Extreme has broken new ground in ultra pure, lean protein shakes.

Red-Cell™ (90 capsules)

When Red-Cell™ was first introduced into the world, scepticism was rife, CLA had never been combined with something like Thermopro before, magic pills obviously don’t exist, but as positive review after positive review began to stack up, a new hero was anointed.

With its innovative dual action, dual-release™ technology, Red-Cell is able to provide a level of pure power that leaves you with no option but to absolutely crush your workout. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is the found in the first layer, delivering essential fatty acids that your body needs to help you reach your body composition goals. The Inner Core is dedicated to power, it’s thermogenic core delivers a potent mix of Thermopro, Chromium, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine and Vitamin B6 all chosen to form a synergistic cocktail of outright energy as well as helping to support blood glucose levels, psychological function whilst also reduce the effects of fatigue. All this science and innovation is packed into one simple and easy to take capsule, designed purely to propel you to new levels of performance.

Supergreens (250g)

‘Make sure you eat your greens’. We’ve all heard that one once or twice. But what if you could take all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are found in your normal portion of brocolli, and then supercharge that, into a potent greens shake designed to flood your body with all the essentials. That’d be pretty good right? Introducing Supergreens, a shake made up of no less than 13 of the world’s rarest ingredients. Take Kelp for instance, why did we choose it? It’s levels of Iodine are off the charts, due mainly to it’s unique habitat which just happens to be right at the bottom of the ocean floor, soaking up all the natural goodness you can find on the seabed. Did we dive down and get this natural wonder, of course we did! We don’t say ‘Only the Dedicated’ for no reason. Kelp is just 1 of the rich, nutrient dense foods that put the Super in Supergreens. Ashwagandha Powder, Moringa Powder, Alfalfa Powder, Spirulina to name drop a few more. All this is then finished off with our new Flavour-Boost™ Technology which has created a new frontier of Flavour for THE PROTEIN WORKS™, creating more zest, zing and punch in our Super Greens Shakes.

Genesis Pre Workout (500g)

Not all Pre Workouts are made equally and that is exceptionally true when it comes to Genesis Pre Workout. At the time of its release, it led Pre Workouts down a new path, no longer did they need to be stacked with excess and somewhat dangerous amounts of caffeine, in fact Genesis uses just 135mg of Caffeine, well below the recommended daily limit. Instead Genesis harnesses the power of both nature and tradition to deliver your pre workout buzz. Using natural stimulants such as Yerba Mate, Guarana and Siberian Ginseng to deliver an unrivalled level of focus. Building on this base we then added more genius, to make this a true next level pre workout. Beta Alanine, AAKG and Taurine were all added, to improve vascularity, allow for easier blood transportation and improve the uptake of nutrients into the bloodstream. All good things come in 3’s right? Well to top it all off, we added our innovative Instantised BCAA’s, L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine, added in an optimal 2:1:1 ratio to ensure that all your muscle mass is protected and not broken down during exercise.

Pure Performance Vitamins (60 Capsules)

Pure Performance Vitamins combine a huge 26 active ingredients to provide the ultimate Multivitamin to ensure that your body is able to fight fatigue and perform at its peak all day long. Featuring Vitamin B6, B12, Vitamin C, Zinc, Manganese and many more essential vitamins, it’s the perfect all in one tablet to ensure your body stays healthy and lean while able to smash every workout.

Stainless Steel Shaker (Colour May Vary)

The TPW™ is the crowning glory of all things shakes.Available in gold or silver, it’s a true head turner, literally, as you work your way around it’s beautifully crafted steel body, you know that this shaker has your back. There’ll be no leaks, due to it’s seal tight locking system, and mixing is made easy, with it’s innovative mixing veins, which gently guide your shake around the vessel, to ensure absolutely no bits, and a pure, smooth drinking experience.

* Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and based on personal experience. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan. Nutritional Information per serving based on unflavoured.

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Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and reflect customer's personal experiences. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan.


See each product page for individual product ingredients.

See each product page for individual product ingredients.


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