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  1. Clear Diet Whey
    Clear Diet Whey
    Rating: 100%
    100% of 100
    “Instantly hooked on this. I literally can’t believe the taste! Better than a cocktail o... *Jamie
    was from kr295,00 from kr180,00
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  2. WHEY PROTEIN 90 Isolate
    Vassleprotein 90 Isolat
    Rating: 97%
    97% of 100
    "Tried most whey protein isolates on the market and this one is hands-down the best. Mixe...Steve*
    was from kr215,00 from kr195,00
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  3. Diet Whey Isolate 95 (Native Whey)
    Diet Whey Isolate 95 (Native Whey)
    Rating: 96%
    96% of 100
    “I was after a low sugar, low carb protein shake to help with my weight loss and got this r...Katy
    was from kr995,00 from kr895,00
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  4. Sojaprotein 90 (Isolat)
    Sojaprotein 90 (Isolat)
    Rating: 97%
    97% of 100
    "I am a vegetarian and take Soy Protein to increase my protein intake. Does the job perfe...Alana*
    was from kr130,00 from kr120,00
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