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  1. Complete 360 Meal
    Complete 360 Meal
    Rating: 100%
    100% of 100
    “Switched from Huel to The protein works for complete 360 meals, absolutely loving it ! Th...- G.J
    was from kr155,00 from kr110,00
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  2. Keto Collagen
    Keto Collagen
    “Tastes great, amazing benefits both physically and mentally. Will definitely be coming b...- *Sam
    was from kr355,00 from kr180,00
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  3. Endless Nootropic
    Endless Nootropic
    Rating: 100%
    100% of 100
    “Give it 20-30 mins and you’ll be in the zone. Only tried the blue raspberry but tastes jus...Brad
    was from kr475,00 from kr285,00
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  4. Loaded Legends
    Loaded Legends
    "Thanks TPW for producing the best protein bar on the market!" Becky
    was from kr345,00 from kr240,00
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  5. Protein Crunkies
    Protein Crunkies
    Rating: 100%
    100% of 100
    “So delicious. These protein bars are just so easy to eat. Perfect for on the go or for a...Thomas
    was from kr295,00 from kr210,00
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    Protein Cookies
    "I ordered these to curb midday snacking, with a massive 18g of premium protein per cookie,...Matt
    was from kr285,00 from kr200,00
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  7. Vegan Protein (210g = 7 Servings)
    Vegan Protein (210g = 7 Servings)
    The taste was subtle, it mixed well, and it works brilliantly. It's better than any veg...Georgia*
    was from kr155,00 from kr95,00
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  8. Mandelsmör
    Fantastic almond butter, great price. Love mixing it into protein shakes. Really enjoy ...Jennifer
    was from kr215,00 from kr195,00
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  9. Vitamin D
    Vitamin D3
    "This is a must-have for me, especially with the lack of sun I get!" - Hattie
    was from kr110,00 from kr60,00
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  10. Thermopro
    Rating: 95%
    95% of 100
    "Out of all the thermogenics and fatburners out there I've tried so far, this has to be on...John*
    was from kr120,00 from kr75,00
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  11. BCAA-Komplex
    Rating: 93%
    93% of 100
    "Love taking these BCAA's. I find these help recovery after gruelling workouts! A must if...Daniel
    was from kr145,00 from kr115,00
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