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Why you love it...
“So surprised when I received this - a lot shinier and more lightweight than it looks but still such a sturdy and premium shaker!” - Jess
Why we love it...
The TPW™ Stainless Steel Shaker makes you look good even after the toughest of workouts. Representing the pinnacle in shakers, its 700ml precision engineered ergonomic design is both stylish and durable. If you care about your protein shakes as much as we do, this limited edition number has got to be in your locker.



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What is the TPW™ Stainless Steel Shaker

Presenting the TPW™ Stainless Steel Shaker. Our most durable shaker to date, each one is crafted from 100% solid, stainless steel so it can withstand anything you can throw at it or in it. We say they’re gym proof, others say they’re bullet proof, but one thing’s for sure the contents of your shake are most definitely safe and secure. The TPW™ Stainless Steel Shaker is basically an armoured version of our hugely popular TPW™ Shaker. Hard and durable it can be used anywhere without fear of breaking or leaking, contains 25 fl oz (739ml) of liquid and has a flip open lid which helps prevent any leakages in your gym bag.

100% Zero-Leakage Design

Your shaker has one simple job. Safely transport TPW™ nutritional awesomeness from one destination to the other. Whether that’s your kitchen to the gym or your home to the office, it doesn’t matter. A shaker’s sole role is to hold nutritional epic, never leak and dispense it when you want or need it. But of all the shakers on the market, the TPW™ Stainless Steel Shaker claims to do this better than any. With a zero-leak design not a single Super Green or Protein Shake was spilt in the making of this shaker.

TPW™ Stainless Steel Shaker Testing & Trialling

During the trialling and testing at TPW™ Towers we threw everything we could think of at the TPW™ Stainless Steel Shaker. Passing every test with flying colours we gave up and happily conceded that this particular shaker won’t break, it won’t buckle and it will never let you down. Also another cool feature of the Stainless Steel Shaker is they’re made to be 100% non-porous which means they smell clean and immaculate all day, every day.

TPW™ Protein Shaker Quality Assurance

Here at TPW™, you can have supreme confidence in the quality of our protein shakers. Each product must pass rigorous audits and checks before being given the TPW™ quality seal of approval. This is our philosophy that flows through every product we manufacture and sets us apart in the world of sports nutrition today.

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Häll mjölk, vatten eller juice i din Limited Edition TPW™-shaker, tillsätt ditt valda kosttillskottpulver och skaka 5–6 gånger för att få en jämn shake.


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F. Läcker er TPW™ Buchsteiner® MixMaster?

S. Nej. Eftersom det säkra skruvlocket håller så hög kvalitet kan du vara säker på att dina shakes aldrig läcker ut!

F. Kan jag köpa flera TPW™ Buchsteiner® MixMasters till mitt lag?

S. Ja, absolut och vad som är ännu bättre är att du får mängdrabatt ju fler du köper.

F. Kan TPW™ Buchsteiner® MixMaster blanda tjockare, mer näringsrika, shaker?

S. Ja i själva verket är det därför som den ofta är förstahandsvalet när man behöver blanda tjockare ingredienser.

F. Är alla MixMaster-flaskor desamma oavsett vilket varumärke man använder?

S. Som med så mycket annat i livet kan produkternas kvalitet variera avsevärt, vilket är anledningen till att vi här på The Protein Works™ gör oberoende inspektioner och godkänner alla våra leverantörer. På TPW™ anser vi att kvalitet är viktigt för alla våra produkter. Det stöds av vår 100-procentiga pengarna-tillbaka-garanti.

F. Vem kan ha nytta av en TPW™ Buchsteiner® MixMaster?

S. Bodybuilders och styrkeidrottare. Uthållighetsidrottare. De som är nybörjare inom styrketräning. Alla som håller på med lagsporter och som använder tillskottspulver som en del av sitt dagliga program.

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