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  1. Loaded Nuts - Choco Caramel Biscuit Tidal
    Loaded Nuts - Choco Caramel Biscuit Tidal
    All of my friends are going mad for this at the moment and I can 100% see why! Words cannot...Jess
    was from kr145,00 from kr85,00
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  2. Super Greens Extreme
    Super Greens Extreme
    “I have zero idea how I got my greens intake before I discovered this. Daily dose should be...Alex
    was from kr315,00 from kr205,00
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  3. Vegan Protein Pancake Mix
    Vegan Protein Pancake Mix
    “OMG yes! So easy to make and an absolute plant based treat to eat!” Keira
    was from kr170,00 from kr135,00
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  4. Vegan Wondershake
    Vegan Wondershake
    Rating: 99%
    99% of 100
    “By a mile, the best vegan protein shake I’ve had. An absolute game changer for me and I’...Ashley
    was from kr475,00 from kr295,00
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  5. Protein Crunkies
    Protein Crunkies
    Rating: 100%
    100% of 100
    “So delicious. These protein bars are just so easy to eat. Perfect for on the go or for a...Thomas
    was from kr295,00 from kr210,00
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  6. Vegan Vitamin B12
    Vegan Vitamin B12
    “Great supplement, simple way to maintain my levels of Vitamin B12!” Grace
    was from kr75,00 from kr65,00
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  7. Protein Crunkies (Singles)
    Protein Crunkies (Singles)
    Rating: 100%
    100% of 100
    “Yes, yes, yes! You guys did the bar and it’s the bomb! Real all rounder perfect for hikes ...Jade
    was from kr40,00 from kr20,00
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  8. Ärtprotein 80 
    Ärtprotein 80 
    "This is my absolute go to Vegan Shake! Taste is great, silky smooth texture and value for ...Alex
    was from kr120,00 from kr105,00
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  9. Brown Rice Protein
    Risprotein 80
    "This is not my first rice protein powder and I would recommend this over all others I've...Robert
    was from kr145,00 from kr130,00
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  10. Vegan Diet Måltidsersättning
    Vegan Diet Måltidsersättning
    “Tried this as an alternative to Huel and very glad I did. As well as having a great taste,...Sam*
    was from kr225,00 from kr115,00
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  11. Vegan Protein Extreme
    Vegan Protein Extreme
    “Hands down the best vegan protein I've tried. Love the choice of flavours and they all ...Taylor
    was from kr275,00 from kr140,00
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  12. Vegan Protein
    Vegan Protein
    "WOW. I did not expect to like this so much….Love this product…Would defo recommend 10/10...Aimee*
    was from kr205,00 from kr115,00
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  13. Vegan Mass Gainer
    Vegan Mass Gainer
    "Solid product - since turning vegan i've been struggling to gain mass. Tastes good, nails m...Ben
    was from kr535,00 from kr270,00
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  14. BCAA-Komplex
    “I won’t use any other vegan omega 3 supplement based on the nutritional profile of Ahiflow...Alex
    was from kr180,00 from kr160,00
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  15. Diet Vegan Protein
    Diet Vegan Protein
    I've always had their vegan protein so thought I'd try the diet version for a change. Taste...Stef
    was from kr205,00 from kr185,00
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  16. Vegan Protein (210g = 7 Servings)
    Vegan Protein (210g = 7 Servings)
    The taste was subtle, it mixed well, and it works brilliantly. It's better than any veg...Georgia*
    was from kr155,00 from kr95,00
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