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Why you love it...
"You guys have really nailed it! Great tasting Protein, and love the supergreens for my daily dose of vits!" Clair
Why we love it...

Our Vegan Lean Muscle Bundle is made up of the formidable five, the world’s best tasting Vegan Protein,and a great big 2kg bag at that! Glutamine, nature’s no.1 muscle building side kick. Supergreens, for all things vitamin and nutrients, drawn from natures rarest and most potent sources. Performance Caffeine for the focus and drive you need to get through those tough days. And our most fashionable Stainless Steel Shaker, fit for consuming all TPW Beverages. Bought together the formidable five provide everything you could possibly need to keep your body lean and clean.



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Who is the Vegan Lean Muscle Bundle for?

Vegans, Flexitarians and inquisitive fitness enthusiasts a like. Our Vegan Lean Muscle Bundle covers all areas of nutrition, from Protein to support the maintenance and growth of muscle, to the essential vitamins and minerals you body needs to function optimally, all for a minimal price. Sound good so far? Let’s dive in and find out about these nutritional legends…

What’s in the Vegan Lean Muscle Bundle

Vegan Protein (2kg)

Our Vegan Protein is unrivalled. Quite a statement we know, but after continually innovating this and every other TPW product, we know it’s at the forefront of sports nutrition innovation. 25g of Protein for Muscle maintenance and growth support, that’s the basics in place, and where most others would stop. But not us. We drilled down to perfect our synergistic blend of 5 natural protein sources, all hand picked for not only their individual plus points, but how they interact with each other to create a complete amino acid profile. Still not quite satisfied, we added our digezyme blend, containing Amylase, Protease as well as Lipase to help your body break down and use all the plant based goodness we packed into this super shake.

Sounds great right? We thought so too, and to top it off, there’s the flavours. Having developed a history steeped in flavour, from the first protein bakery, to our premium flavourings, we’ve always put flavour at the forefront of what we do, meaning our Vegan Protein comes in no less than 7 insane tasting flavours, each one tested over 100 times until we were fully satisfied it would exercise your tastebuds.

Supergreens (250g)

Our supergreens shake, is designed to deliver all the vitamins and minerals you need in one, very simple, extremely tasty shake. To ensure it met our standards and could be declared as the most complete greens shake on the market, we travelled the entire globe, literally, to find the very best, rarest and most potent plant based foods. Take Kelp for instance, a food steeped in Iodine, and vital vitamins, we delved deep down to the ocean sea bed. Dried off, it was over to the philippines, to visit the tree of life where we found Moringa Powder, a medical herb used for 1000s of years by chinese therapists due to it’s insane level of antioxidants. Ashwagandha Powder, Kale, Wheatgrass, Spinach, Spirulina, Chlorella, Matcha Green Tea, Alfalfa Powder, all sourced from the corners of the globe, why so much dedication? It’s just how we do things, either do it right, or not at all, and we can honestly say, this is the best greens shake you will ever try, both nutritionally and for flavour due to our Flavour-Boost technology.

Glutamine (500g)

Glutamine is an essential supplement for building a lean and clean body, however your body can only produce it in small amounts so it must therefore come from your diet. Taken either separately or added to a shake, you’ll be doing your body a favour and supplying it with one of the most important muscle building amino acid it needs to help with recovery post workout.

Performance Caffeine (180 Capsules)

Nothing frustrates you more than not being able to muster the energy you need to complete a workout. Performance Caffeine is designed to be taken pre workout, to stimulate your brain to achieve better focus and drive, and ultimately better results. Ethically sourced, and of unrivalled quality, Performance Caffeine allows you to reach your Peak and break boundaries after a long hard day.

TPW Metal Shaker (Colour May Vary)

We all know, everything tastes good, when it looks good. And it doesn’t get much flashier then a TPW Stainless Steel Shaker. Silver or Gold? a decision almost as tough as this shakers steel body. Sealed with an innovative lock tight system and an enhanced mixability filter, the TPW Stainless Shaker delivers are shakes smooth and with a touch of class.

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See each product page for individual product ingredients.

See each product page for individual product ingredients.


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