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Why you love it...
"Truly nailed it with this one guys, flavor is unreal for 39g of protein." Skye
Why we love it...
Harnessing all the power of Mother Nature, our Vegan Mass Gainer is a true plant based champion. Weighing in with 39g of protein per serving, it’s officially stacked in vegan muscle feeding goodness. Add into the mix our innovative carbohydrate blend, complete with low GI oats and you’ve got a plant based fuel ready for the toughest of workouts. For that final knockout blow, we’ve sent all this science through our much heralded Flavour-Boost™ technology to create the ultimate taste bud party.



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Our Vegan Mass Gainer is another jewel in the crown of our ever-expanding vegan range which now spans over 2 years of research and development. Over that time, the interest, intrigue and take up of Vegan diets, either fully fledged or flexible, exploded. During this rise in popularity, the lack of quality and purpose-built vegan nutrition became really clear to us, as did the sheer amount of low quality vegan protein spin offs. With over half a decade in sports nutrition & a growing number of the TPW™ team turning to veganism, our innovations team took this deficit in choice and quality pretty personally. What they’ve gone on to deliver is now heralded as the best vegan protein range on the market – for both quality and importantly, flavour. And our new Vegan Mass Gainer exemplifies all these traits and then some, delivering an unrivalled protein blend to support muscle growth, in 3 insane tasting flavours.

Let’s delve in to what makes up this green machine. First off, as always, we wanted to find the perfect blend of proteins to deliver the optimal amount of protein for muscle gain. Our tri-protein blend was tweaked, tested and reworked 100’s of times before we finally found the perfect trio, pea protein, brown rice protein and soya protein. This superior blend can deliver all the protein you need to help repair and grow muscle mass. As we know all too well at TPW™ Towers you can’t break boundaries without the right the fuel, that’s why we developed a bespoke vegan carbohydrate blend to add into this gainer to provide the ideal balance of fast and slow acting carbs to help you break PB’s and reach new heights. Providing the necessary carbohydrates to replenish glycogen levels post exercise, this blend is packed with the finest oats, renowned for their low glycemic index and flax seed, which not only provide vital nutrients such as zinc and magnesium but are a fantastic source of omega 3 which can be lacking in a vegan diet. Lastly the flavour, all the focus on nutrition would have you thinking we’d created the guts without the glory. Not the case, with a touch of magic from the TPW™ Wizards our shakes mix better than any others, and the flavour? Well, we’ll let the shakes do the talking for us on that one.


HIGH PROTEIN - Over 39g of protein per serving from our tri-protein blend of soya, pea and brown rice proteins to deliver the protein you need to repair and grow muscle mass.

BESPOKE CARBOHYDRATE BLEND – Using low GI oats and simple sugars to create the optimal balance of slow and fast carbs to help replenish exhausted glycogen levels post workout.

HIGH FIBRE –Our Vegan Mass Gainer is naturally high in fibre to help fuel a healthy digestive system, naturally low GI and packed with essential nutrients and minerals such as omega 3, vitamin B3 and zinc.

HIGH CALORIE – 532 plant based categories never tasted this good! Helping to get you into that all important calorie surplus without breaking the macro bank.

3 INSANE TASTING FLAVOURS – Unapologetically delicious, made with our much heralded vegan flavourings that we’ve been using in every product since 2012!


A Vegan Mass Gainer shake is best taken between meals or post workout to help on two fronts. Firstly it provides the essential protein you need post workout, but with our innovative carbohydrate blend it also allows your body to replenish the glycogen stores within your muscle that have been depleted during heavy lifting or high intensity workouts.


Our new Vegan Mass Gainer builds on a long line of vegan innovation that’s been engrained into our recent history and set alight by our mission to make the best tasting Vegan Protein range on the market. That history has seen some impressive launches, rewind to 2016, around the same time we launched our record-breaking Vegan Protein shake, now heralded by our customers & leading Vegan athletes as the best tasting vegan protein shake available today. We knew then we’d only just begun to stretch the limits of Vegan nutrition, not only in terms of nutritional profiles, but most importantly in terms of jaw-dropping taste too. Put simply, that legendary protein was our first sentence on the page that was born to rewrite the history of Vegan nutrition.

We went on to launch an insane Vegan Protein Super Blend, a Diet Vegan Protein & followed that up with a corker of an innovation – Vegan Meal Replacement. Those shake based beasts, all born our of the TPW Flavoury shook things up – it was the first time customers were able to rave about a range of insane tasting, nutritionally epic, Vegan Protein Shakes. All of which continue to dominate our best sellers week in, week out. But, as ever at TPW Towers, success means innovation and whist we were satisfied that heroes looking for Vegan Protein Shakes now had a go-to range, the real magic was about to begin, as the innovators from The Flavoury had a very cheeky meeting with the crack team from our Protein Bakery. What happened next took us all by surprise! Our Protein Bakery developed a slight obsession with the fact that there really wasn’t anything nutritionally sound AND great tasting when it came to healthy Vegan Snacking. That sounded like a good old challenge and so the journey began. Straight out the gates were cold pressed cubes of superfood awesomeness, our Superfood Bites launched and quickly got themselves renowned for curing cases of nutritional munchies. Followed up quickly by one of the best-selling nut butters of all time, our Rawtella caused quite a stir too by packing in over 12g of protein in an indulgent choc-hazelnut spread that was vegan and vegetarian was a turning point in our nut butter game.


Here at THE PROTEIN WORKS™, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply source. Each ingredient supplier must pass rigorous audits and checks before being given the TPW™ quality seal of approval. Traceability, quality, and consistency are the three things we demand on every single ingredient. This is our philosophy that flows through every product we manufacture and sets us apart in the world of sports nutrition today. We are also the only brand to offer a Lifetime Guarantee across its products giving you absolute peace of mind.

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Directions: We recommend 1-3 servings daily

Min Recommended Serving Size : Add 100g (2.5 Grey Scoops) to 500ml-550ml water, mix well and consume.

Max Recommended Serving Size : Add 150g (3.5 Grey Scoops) to 500ml-700ml water, mix well and consume.


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Q. When should I take Vegan Mass Gainer?

A. It depends upon your lifestyle and goals, but we recommend consuming between 2 to 3 times a day.

Q. Does your flavoured vegan protein powder contain artificial flavouring and colouring?

A. Most protein supplements on the market today are made using artificial flavours and colours. We are committed to maintaining purity in all our products which is why we only use all natural flavouring and colouring with absolutely nothing to hide. Not only is this kinder to your body, but it also gives a more natural and real taste to your shake.

Q. Can I take Vegan Mass Gainer with other supplements?

A. Yes. Whilst Vegan Vegan Mass Gainer has been designed to be a comprehensive weight gainer shake designed to contribute to muscle gain, you can use other products to help towards your goals. From Vegan Protein Cravers to help meet your elevated protein needs, to nut butters as a great source of dietary fat, most other products will work well with Vegan Mass Gainer.

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