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Why you love it...
“Finally a Vegan Meal Replacement Shake that's tasty and can help me hit my goal weight!” – Jonathan*

Why we love it...
We set out to not only re-write the rules of food and fitness with this incredible shake, but to build a Vegan Meal Replacement Shake that would become a formidable force of nature. 6 months of planning down and over 100 taste tests complete & here we stand, loving this shake from head to toe because of its uncompromising nutritional profile. Packed with over 18.6g of 5 different sources of plant protein and fortified with our full vitamin and mineral blend (notably calcium, potassium, zinc and of course Vitamin B12), we then then topped it off with 100% premium, taste-bud-busting flavours. The final result, we confidently, proudly and unapologetically say that this Vegan Meal Replacement is unrivalled by anything else on the market.



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What is the Vegan Meal Replacement Shake?

Vegan Meal Replacement Shake from TPW™ is the best plant-based shake any active vegan can have in their gym bag. Whether you’re chasing weight loss goals or a fortification of vitamins, minerals and proteins into your diet this vegan meal replacement can stand, chest buffed with pride knowing it’s literally the dogs… you know what... Why? Because whilst shakes can never fully replace whole foods, many people who lead an active lifestyle will struggle to consume key micronutrients and macronutrients in their diet and meet their elevated nutritional needs. From protein and healthy fats, to zinc, magnesium and (most importantly for vegans) vitamin B12, it’s these little “gaps” in our diets that can have a significant impact on our motivation, satiety (the feeling of fullness) and our ability to stick to a healthy way of eating. Enter our Vegan Meal Replacement Shake…

Packing more protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats into one shake than almost any other plant-based protein powder available today. Each meal replacement shake delivers over 18g of protein derived from premium-grade soy protein, pea protein, brown rice protein, white hemp protein and sunflower protein. We’re not just looking at a shake that’s ‘throw-away’ in its ingredients, this one was in the lab for over 6 months and went through over 100 taste tests before it was given the seal of approval from the TPW Nutritional Wizards as a true meal replacement. That’s why, you’ll also find that each shake is fused with our premium flavouring and then fortified with our scientifically engineered vitamin and mineral blend that has the micronutrients (notably calcium, potassium, zinc and of course Vitamin B12) measured, monitored and added to the exact gram.

When Should I Use Vegan Meal Replacement?

We would recommend 2-3 servings of Vegan Meal replacement daily. For men we would suggest 2 scoops per serving and for women we would suggest 1 scoop. These servings should be taken with 350ml of water or nut milk and blended, preferably in a TPW™ Master Blender. The less liquid you use, the thicker your shake will be, so adjust to suit your own taste.

What Makes Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes So Good?

Vegan Meal Replacement is nutritionally unrivalled. We say this confidently, proudly and unapologetic to any other vegan meal replacement on the market. Not just because of the pure vegan philosophy that’s been strictly adhered to when making every blend, but also because every shake that leaves TPW™ Towers harnesses the full power of plant-based proteins, enriches it with a time-released source of carbohydrates made from ultra-fine oats, then enriches it with heart-healthy fats in the form of Golden Flaxseed. This is all before our patented Vegan Vitamin Blend is then added to the mix as the proverbial cherry on top of what’s an incredible tasting meal replacement shake that re-writes the rules of food and fitness.

How & When is Vegan Meal Replacement Shake Best Taken?

The honest answer is Vegan Meal Replacement can (and often should) be taken anytime, any day, anywhere. It’s a meal replacement shake, so by its very name and nature it should come to your rescue when you need it most. But also because with animal products (meat and more) excluded from the diet, a premium-grade, vegan-friendly meal replacement shake becomes invaluable to meeting your elevated vitamin, mineral and macronutrient requirements. For this reason many people at TPW™ Towers like to start their day with a Vegan Meal Replacement, just to ensure their body is flooded with nutrients to begin their day. Others prefer it as brunch or lunch. But because all the ingredients used don’t have a specific nutrient window (an optimum time to consume) there really is no set way to include this in your diet, it’s purely there to support you and your goals. Of course, as well as being an all-round nutritional beast, this shake has been designed to help you achieve various weight loss goals and can also be used to help maintain desirable weight levels after you’ve achieved weight loss. If your goals are around weight loss itself then we recommend substituting two of your main daily meals with a shake. If you’re looking to maintain a current weight then you can substitute just one to two of your main daily meals. As you can see, because we’re so conscious that lives, goals and needs change over time, we built this shake to scale up and scale down depending on where you’re at. This means that you can get your Vegan Meal Replacement Shake, safe in the knowledge that you can stick with it for the long term even after you’ve achieved your weight loss goals – think of it as your new plant based buddy!


Each and every Vegan Meal Replacement shake that leaves TPW™ is made from a uniquely formulated blend of premium plant-based proteins. What this means is the contents of every Vegan Meal Replacement pouch that leaves HQ is dairy-free, vegan-friendly, fused with our widely acclaimed premium flavours and contains all the essential amino acids your body requires. But more than that, it’s also been enhanced with a full range of vitamins and minerals and omega 3 powerhouses, golden flax and hemp to flood your taste buds and body with a sizeable serving of taste, texture and some of the world’s most nutrient dense food sources. The only issue we have is the TPW™ Nutritional Technicians always find it hard to tame their enthusiasm and put this into just product page. Which is why we’ve tasked them with detailing the “Nutritional Nuggets” of Vegan Meal Replacement. These easily “digestible” short snippets explain how the unrivalled nutrient profile can help you achieve your goals:

• Made from a premium blend of 5 full and complete vegan proteins

• Contains 20g of protein per serving

• Every shake is fused with vitamin and mineral blend

• Each ingredient included is monitored and measured down to the milligram

• Packed with healthy fats and low in sugar

• Made using 100% premium flavours that are packed to the rafters with taste

• Naturally sweetened to stop a sweet tooth pining for other, less effective treats


Vegan protein shakes have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years and Vegan Meal Replacement sits at the very top of that list. Why? Because as well as ethical reasons, they also make nutritional sense. See it’s widely known that athletes and anyone leading an active lifestyle has an elevated need for protein, carbohydrates and fats. These are the body’s macronutrients and we need lots of these in the diet. But recently nutritionists have shown it’s not just about eating the right quantity of food, but the right quality too.

Vegan Meal Replacement Shake Quality Assurance

Here at TPW™, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply source. We personally quality check every raw ingredient supplier and ingredient before giving it the TPW™ quality seal of approval to be used in our formulations. Traceability, quality, and consistency are the three things we demand on every single ingredient. This is the TPW™ philosophy that flows through every product we make and sets us apart in the world of nutrition today. We are also the only brand to offer a Lifetime Guarantee across its products giving you absolute peace of mind.

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Portionsstorlek: 60 g (2 gråa måttskopa)

Vi rekommenderar 2–3 portioner dagligen. Tillsätt 350 ml vatten eller mjölk i din TPW™ Master Blender. Ju mindre vätska du använder desto tjockare kommer shaken att vara, så justera för att passa din egen smak.

För män: Tillsätt 2 måttskopa (60g) till 300–350 ml vatten eller mjölk i din TPW™ Master Blender, blanda väl och drick.

För kvinnor: Tillsätt 1 måttskopa (30g) till 150–175 ml vatten eller mjölk i din TPW™ Master Blender, blanda väl och drick.

VIKTIGT: Före användning, kontrollera att den medföljande måttskopan är GRÅ. Om inte, kontakta oss på 0845-4672411.

F. När ska jag ta Diet måltidsersättning?

S. Det beror på din livsstil och dina mål. Vi rekommenderar följande riktlinjer för användning och att man tar pulvret mellan två till tre gånger per dag.

F. Varför behöver jag ta protein?

S. Protein har av alla makronäringsämnen visat sig ha en större mättande effekt, vilket innebär att du håller dig mätt längre. Vassleprotein har också visat sig ha "termisk effekt", vilket betyder att det faktiskt gör av med kalorier under förbränningen.

F. Innehåller ert smaksatta vassleproteinpulver konstgjorda smakämnen och färgämnen?

S. De flesta proteintillskott på marknaden innehåller artificiella smaker och färger. Vi vill behålla renheten i alla våra produkter, vilket är anledningen till att vi endast använder naturliga smaker och färger, och vi har absolut ingenting att dölja. Det är inte bara snällare mot din kropp, det ger också din shake en mer naturlig och äkta smak.

F. Vad betyder "torrsubstans" och "as is" (faktisk nivå) när man pratar om proteininnehåll?

S. När du ser ett proteinpulver där det står på etiketten att proteinet anges som torrsubstans betyder det att fukten som finns i pulvret ingår i det totala proteinvärdet. Fukthalten i torra proteinpulver är vanligtvis omkring 4 %. Men när ett proteinpulver anges som "as is" (faktisk nivå) betyder det det verkliga proteininnehållet i pulvret utan vatten. Med andra ord är det den verkliga mängd protein du kommer att konsumera. I takt med att priserna har ökat avsevärt under senare år på grund av stor efterfrågan inom sportkosttillskott-sektorn kan det vara så att vissa märken inte ger dig alla fakta när det gäller de verkliga proteinnivåerna i deras produkter. På TPW™ tror vi på öppenhet och vi vill att du ska det högsta förtroendet när du väljer dina vassleproteintillskott. Du kan se värdena för både "as is" (faktisk nivå) och "torrsubstans" på alla våra proteinprodukter. Återigen handlar det om att veta vad man ska leta efter.

F. Kan jag använda Diet måltidsersättning med andra kosttillskott?

S. Det enkla svaret är ja. Medan Diet måltidsersättning har utformats för att vara en heltäckande shake med måltidsersättning vid fettminskning, kan du använda andra produkter för att stödja din kost. Från Proteinkakor för att möta dina förhöjda proteinbehov, till nötsmör som en fantastisk källa till fett, de flesta produkter fungerar bra med Diet måltidsersättning.

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