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Why you love it...
"Lost 8 pounds using this as part of a 6 week Weight Loss challenge, tastes great and gives you lots of energy!" Marissa
Why we love it...
Encompassing everything we’ve mastered in Vegan Nutrition, the Vegan Weight Loss Bundle has everything you need to achieve your weight loss goals. Cherry on top? It tastes amazing too, don’t believe us? Ask our growing Vegan Tribe how good it tastes and you’ll see a green fingered bunch, grins a plenty after sipping down another tasty shake. It’s not just shakes though in this selection of weight loss weapons. Green Tea Ultra and Performance Caffeine provide the cutting edge to help you fire up your bodies fat burning systems, and torch those fat cells.



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Who’s the vegan weight loss bundle for?

If you’re Vegan, and looking for the ultimate fat loss cocktail, then our Vegan Weight Loss Bundle is the perfect pack for you. Weight Loss can be tricky for two reasons. Running a calorie deficit can leave you lacking energy, so we’ve added in Green Tea Ultra and Performance Caffeine to give you the boost you need to keep on performing at your best, as well helping to fire up your bodies thermogenic systems. But most tricky part of it, is that most diets don’t taste good and eventually you get sick of it and dive head first into the snack cupboard. That’s why at THE PROTEIN WORKS we’ve built our entire range around flavour, from day 1 to today, we continue to innovate and lead the way, raising the bar for everyone to try in vain to reach. Tastes all well and good but what about the macros you ask. They are nailed down, low fat, low sugar is a mantra around here and every calorie is questioned and left out if not 100% necessary. It’s this dedication to all things nutrition that has allowed us to develop two of the finest Vegan Protein Shakes in Diet Vegan Protein and our innovative Vegan Meal Replacement

What’s in the Vegan Weight Loss Bundle?

Diet Vegan Protein (1kg)

As we may have mentioned, it tastes insane, with 3 fantastic flavours that will leave you satisfied. However, it’s loaded with even more science then it is flavour, 22g of Protein to help support the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, perfect for anyone following a calorie controlled diet, what makes it top of the class however, is the 1g of Fat and measly 0.3g of Sugar per serving, allowing you to enjoy all the sumptuous flavours, knowing it’s going to leave you plenty of macros in the bank for the rest of the day.

Vegan Meal Replacement (500g)

Even we were astonished by what we achieved with this one. Going beyond our expectations our Vegan Meal Replacement is a formidable force of nature. Not only does it pack 18.6g of Protein from over 5 different plant based sources for the ultimate amino acid profile, it is also then wrapped in our innovative Vitamin and Mineral blend, containing all the vital nutrients you need, most notably Zinc, Calcium and the all important Vitamin B12) Of course, it’s jam packed with flavour as standard, and after 100 taste tests we can confidently say that our Vegan Meal Replacement is unrivalled by anything else on the market.

Green Tea Ultra (90 Capsules)

Rich in anti-oxidants and bio flavanoids, and steeped in Chinese Medical history, our Green Tea Ultra tablets are made from only the finest, traditional Green Tea extracts to ensure maximum efficacy and performance. Used over many generations. Green Tea extract helps to improve the way your body utilises calories that you consume, and is now widely regarded in sports nutrition and used by many athletes to improve the efficiency of their bodies systems.

Performance Caffeine (180 Capsules)

As we mentioned earlier, following calorie controlled diets can leave you feeling fatigued and tired, and that’s before you’ve even considered doing a work out! That’s why we’ve included Performance Caffeine as a must have in our Vegan Weight Loss Bundle. Caffeine, when used correctly is a brilliant stimulant, improving cognitive brain function, leaving you feeling not only more alert but also more focussed, taken before a workout, or busy working day, Performance Caffeine allows you to reach and perform at your physical peak while still keeping all your macros under control.

TPW Metal Shaker (Colours May Vary)

Not all protein shakers are created equally, and the TPW Metal Shaker collection epitomises the ultimate gym bag swag. Hand crafted, and sprayed in stainless steel or gold, these shakers tick all the boxes. Mixability? Not a bitty piece in site. Leak Free? Seals so tight not even air sneaks through. Good Looking? You bet ya, and you can check out your smiling grin in it’s reflection.

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