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Why you love it...
"Been struggling lately in the gym, so grabbed this bundle! Ever since I've not looked back, incredible results so far!" Harriet
Why we love it...
Losing weight is never easy, and just when you think you’ve got it all worked out, progress slows to a halt, motivation subsides and your looking round for answers. Enter the TPW™ Weight Loss Pro Bundle, a bundle designed to help you not only break plateaus, but make sure they never occur again. Combining all our latest and greatest innovations to create the holy trifecta of weight loss, calorie control, thermogenic power and sports performance, put your fat cells on notice, we’re coming for them.



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Who is the Weight Loss Pro Bundle For?

If you’ve been doing a Calorie Restricted Diet for some time, you’ll know it’s not an awful lot of fun, restriction is never fun, that’s why we created the Weight Loss Plateau Smasher Bundle to lift those restrictions, create spare calories for you to enjoy and improve your sporting performance, more calories burned equals more calories in the macro bank, which means you can enjoy that Protein Truffle™ you’ve had your eye on.

More so, we created this to show that calorie restriction doesn’t mean things have to be bland, our shakes are off the scale when it comes to flavour, we’ve obsessed for over 5 years creating not only shakes that deliver on the nutritionals, but also deliver on flavour, smashing your expectations and leaving you feeling satisfied, after all, you can’t force yourself to eat bad food, but if it tastes good, then studies have shown you are far more likely to stick to a diet that aids satiety. With all this in mind, we’ve brought together 5 of our biggest hitters to create the ultimate plateau smasher.

What’s in the Weight Loss Pro Bundle?

Diet Meal Replacement (1kg)

Diet Meal Replacement combines all the latest sports nutrition research with our insane tasting flavours to create a dieter’s dream. Tastebuds at the ready, at just 227 calories it definitely won’t break the macro bank, all the while steadily drip feeding your muscles with a triple blend of 39g of protein, made up of Whey Protein, Milk Protein and Soya Protein to ensure your muscles receive the optimal amount of protein needed to help support and grow muscle mass. With calories and protein intake sorted, we could have stopped there, but that’s not the TPW™ way. We then added MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) a form of Fast Acting Carbohydrate, yes, Carbs! That will give you a quick release of energy, to give you the boost you need to get on with the day and keep pushing. Still not satisfied, we added Glucomannan, L-Carnitine and Matcha Green Tea, all shown to help you achieve your body composition goals.

Diet Whey Complex (1kg)

Diet Whey Complex is complex by nature but simple to describe. It’s the ultimate weight loss shake. A bold claim we know, but let’s dive in. It combines a blend of fast and slow acting proteins, with an innovative blend of active ingredients that have been shown to promote weight loss. Perfect. But there’s more to it than that, we did say it was complex after all. We’ve then added 4 key additions, Green Tea Extract, N-Acetyl L-Carnitine, Flax Seed, and Digezyme, all of which were chosen for their ability to help improve focus, improve the body’s ability to burn fat, stave off hunger cravings, and increase the absorption of all the key ingredients that are found in this masterpiece. So that’s the science but how does it perform? With well over 200 5 Star reviews we could probably say pretty good, but having heard the success stories of thousands of TPW™ Tribe members who swear by Diet Whey Complex, we’re sure it out performs even our own expectations. Now for the big question. How’s it taste? Well again, we’ll let the tribe do the talking for us.

“Machiatto flavour is so nice! Could definitely see the effects of green tea and cla. Going to load up on this every time it's on offer” Nav

“I bought this to compliment my wifes training. She loves the taste.” Dennis

“The caramel macchiato flavour mixed with some ice makes a great high protein, low sugar, iced frappe.” Harry

Diet Super Multivitamin (30 Capsules)

Diet Super Multivitamins provide all the essential minerals and vitamins you need to fight fatigue and ensure all your bodily systems such as your immune system, cognitive systems are at their peak for the duration of the day. Containing essential vitamins such as Vitamin C,D,B12 and Minerals such as Chromium, Iron, Zinc, Potassium all in one, easy, daily tablet that you can rely on to keep your body working at optimal while on a calorie restricted diet.

CLA (60 Capsules)

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is an essential fatty acid that has been heavily studied, and reports show that that when used in a calorie restricted diet, it can help to aid body composition goals. TPW™ CLA is made from ultra pure, 1000mg strength CLA Capsules, delivering unrivalled efficacy and quality. Why do you need to supplement with CLA? Well it can’t be produced naturally in the body, so has to be ingested through food or supplements, found commonly in cheese, you won’t be able to fit your daily recommended amount of CLA inside your daily calorie goal so that’s why having a supplement makes sense.

Thermopro (90 Capsules)

Thermorpo is a caffeine rich, potent performance power house. One tablet contains all the caffeine, vitamins and vital minerals you need to optimise performance, reduce tiredness and fatigue, while supporting energy production and mental performance. In short, it delivers you more power and fuel, to push harder in your workouts, breaking barriers and jumping over hurdles you previously couldn’t. All this means that more calories get burnt, and that plateau you were struggling to break through is nothing but a distant memory.

Protein Shaker (Colour May Vary)

Our obsession with flavour flows all the way through to your Shakers. Working with the renowned specialists at Buchsteiner, we’ve developed a shaker fit to house our insane tasting shakes.Combining german engineering with a level of detail that only we know, the Shaker is a reliable vessel to consume your favourite TPW™ Shake. PLEASE NOTE: Colour may vary

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